Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New Silk Review

Sorry for the phone pic! It was late and the camera was charging!

So.... Silk Soymilk has a "New Great Taste" for their organic unsweetened soymilk. Is it new? Yes. Is it great? I personally don't think so. I was bummed when I first saw this in the store last night, but, since I was making cookies I went ahead and got it to try -- Silk Unsweetened is (was) my favorite "milk" to have with cookies. So thick and creamy, slightly sweet taste from the beans, yummy soy aftertaste (no, that's just me? ok). Well, this new awesome stuff is just ok, in my opinion. It's not bad, it's really not. It's just not what I wanted. I want the old stuff back!

On a more positive note, there is a new cookie recipe coming soon -- cake batter funfetti cookies from scratch, to be exact. Omagah, so good! I just need to perfect the recipe before I share. The current incarnation is extremely tasty but a little chewy around the edges for me. And good news -- Sam likes them! Yay! He can't eat nuts, really hates the taste of flax, and doesn't like things to taste "healthy" at all, so I've not been able to find a vegan cookie recipe in the last two years that he'll eat. Victory! Plus, who doesn't looove sprinkles?

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